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Darwin Tall Rectangle

Darwin Tall Rectangle

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True to this planter’s namesake, the Darwin has evolved from the success of our favorite tall rectangles like the Perth and Brisbane.  These planter boxes were fashioned to create privacy while enhancing the beauty of your favorite hangout spots, like roof top gardens, restaurants or pool decks. The Darwin is built with the industry’s most durable fiberglass offering wind and frost resistance with plenty of room for trees, privacy hedges or even picture-perfect palm trees.  

These high-quality planters are available in five lengths: 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”, to fit any space.  Our automotive-grade paint ensures your Darwin planters will maintain their beauty and function for years to come.  

Creating a more private or secret retreat? Pair this with our new Darwin square corner planter pieces to make the space cozy, intimate and if need be, socially distant (and great to look at).

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