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  • Creates and helps maintain a constant Shock Attenuation for Synthetic Turf
  • AirDrain has a smaller carbon and development footprint with reduced site disturbance.
  • Great for dog daycares and kennels for superior drainage.


AirDrain is a Geocell drainage grid that creates a 1 inch 92% air void underneath your artificial turf. AirDrain elevates the synthetic turf above the subgrade to allow air to circulate and water to pass through rapidly. It helps keeps the surface temperature at lower levels due to its ability to allow continuous movement of air. AirDrain is made from 100% recycled copolymer, making it able to withstand extreme heat and cold and still maintain its performance.
Size 32″ x 32″ x 1″
Weight 3.1lb
Strength 233 psi (unfilled)
Resin 100% Recycled (PIR)
Copolymer with Impact Modifier
“No Break” Polymer Material
Color Black (3% carbon black added for UV Protection
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